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We know how to Reverse Global Warming.   The technology is available, but the willingness is missing. 
The solution is in the corporate world of money and finance. 

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How  to  Reverse 

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The Peaceful Revolution Has Begun!  

We can open the door to solving every one of
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Site & Solution Update May 2013


Since this site was created, February 2010,  Significant new information has become available.    We'll share the 2013 solution to global climate change, but we have to walk you there step by step or you'll simply think we're crazy and ignore the real solution.   So bear with and explain the solution one piece at a time.

To solve the environmental crisis several critical factors
            that must be addressed:
     1)  We must go to the cause and stop treating symptoms.
     2)  This problem is way to big to expect a direct, single solution can solve it.
     3)  We must let go of the false belief that there is the single, correct
            answer to anything.  
            We may have an answer, but we don't have the answer.  
     4)   The solution must come from the people.  
     5)   Violence will not solve this problem.  
     6)   The people must interfere with the ability of
             those who control the world
             to continue destroying the environment.  
     7)   at the present time, the money manipulators control everything
      7)   The first physical-action step is to
            dethrone the Criminal Cabal Bankers  -- a)  Take away their profits.  
            b) Remove them from control of the nation's monetary system.

The starting point is to understand Cosmology (the nature of reality).  We must also find the accurate answer to the question  What is a human being?  

Cosmology:   Newtonian physics is wrong.   The universe is not made of physical matter.   The universe is made of energy - energy controlled by consciousness     For a fact-based,detailed explanation of this:   

What Is a Human Being?   Christian one-life-ism is in error.   Humans are NOT their physical bodies.   Humans are eternal, non physical beings having a human experience.   For a fact-based, detailed explanation of this:    http://www.tlc333.com/clt-holographics.html#gr    


Taking Action #1:    An incredible simple way to take back control of the nations monetary system is to issue debt-free  money direct from the U.S. Treasury.   The process is explained in fact-based detail at:     

Taking Action #2:  Take a major source of profits away from the environmental destroyers.    The Cabal Criminal Banking Cartel launders 500 billion dollars in illegal marijuana money and illegal drug money each and every year.  Would you like to cut off that money supply?   Here's how it's done:    http://www.MarijuanaSanity.com/mj-how-to-completely-legalize-marijuana.html#gr     








Urgency 2        Urgency 2             ...


If humans are going to Reverse Global Warming 
         Before It Becomes Unstoppable, 
               we must start by resolving our economic crisis.


The Doubter's Corner:   If you still think that Global Warming is a fantasy of the foolish or a hippie, tree-hugger's fairytale, we invite you to examine the evidence for yourself -- read the pages on this website and also take a short exploratory journey with our childhood friend, Chicken Little.   Was Chicken Little Right?  

Global Warming --  The Seemingly Inevitable is NOT Inevitable:   Almost everybody in the media is referring to Global Warming as if it were inevitable.   Well, I have good news and bad news for you.  

First the Bad News:  The universal laws tell us that what we believe, expect, allow, and focus or attention on is what we will experiences, so if we keep believing the propaganda of the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts who run the worlds major corporations, severe global climate change is, indeed inevitable.  

What the Evidence Tell Us Global Climate Changes are indeed, natural and normal.    BUT . . .  Nobody can say with absolute certainty that the present changes are all natural and normal.  

What we can say with absolute certainty is that present human activity is amplifying the problem,  speeding up he changes,   making the change much more profound,  producing consequences that are far more devastating,  and producing massive amounts of irreversible devastation such a the extinction of thousand of species of irreplaceable trees, plants and animals.    

Now, The Good News:   This website will explain the problems and what we are facing if we simply go along with the those who put money and profit ahead of everything else.  Here are some of the main pages on this site:    

Some of This Site's Main Pages:   This sites focuses on the solution.  The key to success is in the use of an updated and revised variation of the traditional non-profit corporation.   Foundations can be used is several ways.   We'll focus on two of those ways,  1)  Partnering a non profit foundation with existing corporations, and 2)  replacing dysfunctional money-focused corporations with non profit foundations 

The problems related to Runaway Global Warming are also clearly described in an interview format at this address: 








Runaway Global Warming...

We Have Turned on Runaway Global Warming



In addition to releasing vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere, human-caused Climate Change has also triggered the release of the 10,000 billion tons of methane presently frozen in the tundra (in the biomass) at the Arctic Circle.  

(Methane is twenty times more destructive to the environment than carbon dioxide.)   

Human overpopulation **rgw3   and human activity has already dumped billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.  This release of CO2 has caused the Earth's temperature to rise by about two degrees.   Because of this temperature rise, each year, the amount of gas being released from the biomass at the Arctic Circle  is increasing.   If allowed to continue,  the methane which decays into CO2 will cause the level of CO2 level to rise much higher and much faster.  (The rate of change is exponential, 1-2-4-8-16-32, and not linear, 1-2-3-4-5-6)   Some experts say that just one more degree of temperature rise (two degrees at the most) will cause the temperature rise to become irreversible.   One could say the human activity has triggered Nature's Doomsday Machine.   

Unless we immediately begin a major, global-level effort to reverse Runaway Global Warming, this self-expanding cycle will soon become un-stoppable, and it will produce devastating, deadly, and irreversible consequences that will drastically reduce the human population.   It's so severe that some researchers even believe that human extinction is a distinct possibility.   

Even if you presently live in wealth and privilege, your money is no match for mother nature.   If we do not take major actions intentionally designed to stop this cycle, the entire 10,000 billion tons of methane presently frozen in the Arctic Circle will automatically be released into the atmosphere.   The environment will be drastically altered.    

(o)> The Earth’s temperature will rise about eighteen degrees Fahrenheit causing most large life forms on the entire planet to become extinct.   The temperature has already risen by two degrees.   With another degree of temperature rise, (two degrees at the most) Global Warming will become unstoppable.  

(o)> The ocean level will rise by several feet forcing millions (perhaps even billions)  of people out of their homes. **rgw2   One hundred million people live within three feet of sea level.   Ocean level rise is already beginning to show up.   The associated problems are also showing up.   For example, thousands of acres of coastal farmlands have become unusable because salty ocean water has contaminated the coastal ground water.  

(o)> Millions of square miles of the world's most beautiful and productive land will be under water.   Major cities like London, Venice, New York, Washington DC, New Orleans will be mostly under water, as will much of Florida and Louisiana.  

(o)> Glaciers and mountain snow caps will disappear completely leaving an estimated twenty to thirty percent of the world’s population without fresh water in the dry season.   Entire ecosystems (trees, plants, animals, fish, insects, etc.)  that these mountain, glacial waters support will also die.  (This melting process is already happening all over the world, and the rate of snow-cap melt is increasing every year)  

(o)> Billions of people will die of environmental exposure, from disease, from starvation,  or from human violence.   (This change is already well under way all over the world) 

(o)> Dozens of other highly destructive environmental changes will occur.   Many changes are already well under way such as those causing the unusual and severe weather patterns.   In areas such as northern China, hundreds of square miles of farmland are drying up and turning onto deserts.   Each change is amplifying the effects of the other changes.   Their combined effect, if allowed to continue, will soon overpower all opposition.   The consequences, already devastating and deadly, will soon become irreversible!   

There are two additional and critically important factors that are being almost completely ignored:  

1)   Cosmic Rays, The Sun's Activity,  Clouds, and Global Warming  


2)   The Melting of Antarctic Ice  

Unless we (the collective we) wake up and face the truth, life as we presently know it will, very soon, be washed away in a single day when the Ross ice shelf in Antarctica falls into the ocean   This will cause a sudden 14 foot rise in the ocean level.   If global warming is allowed to continue, this disaster is inevitable.  

The sudden ocean-level rise, and the resulting tsunami will kill billions of humans, thousands of life forms will become extinct, the face of the planet will be changed forever, and God only knows what else this will cause.

But, we can ignore this, too, because corporate America has everything well under control.  



Political conservatives and most of the people in positions of corporate leadership with the capacity to take actions designed to reverse global warming are still focused on making more money.   They're intentionally ignoring this vital and  incredible urgent issue or giving it little more than lip service. **rs2     To see a devastating, real-life example of this attitude in action, readers are directed to the TLC-Life-Center's web page titled:  Burning Coal for Power - A Devil's Bargain.   

The common human reaction to any challenge to his/her belief system is to ignore it,  ridicule it,  reject it,  and/or fight it until disaster strikes or until the evidence overwhelms them.   When  the truth finally emerges victorious, they emerge from their illusion, dig themselves out of the rubble from the disaster they ignored, look for someone to blame, and say, "We knew that all along."  

The above predictions are based upon irrefutable scientific evidence.   You can ignore the evidence, but if you continue business as usual and you are wrong, you've just given you children and grandchildren a death sentence.   Unfortunately, if we ignore this truth, when the final bell tolls, there will nobody to hear the bell ringing, nobody to ring it, and nobody to say, "We know that all along."   The ghost of humanity might hear a whisper in the wind, "Extinction is Forever!"

Reference:   How to Reverse Global Warming

Reference:   10,000 Billion Tons 


Reference:    PBS - Nova -  Dimming the Sun  


Reference:    PBS - Nature - The Loneliest Animals  











The Rate and Severity of Change                Rate and Severity of Change     ...

The Rate and Severity of Change


The evidence, the scientists, the researchers, and those who observe the environment such a photographer, documentary film makers, and the like, all keep telling us:  

**   That the environmental changes are dramatic, 

**   That the rates of change are much faster today than they were just a few years ago,  and

**   That the rates at which these changes are occurring is also increasing in speed.

The scientists and researchers have consistently underestimated the rate of speed at which future changes will occur.   

If you notice the way a fire expands, or a disease spreads, or tree grows, you'll notice an exponential growth rate (1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32)  and not a linear growth (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6).    The evidence regarding Global climate change points strongly to exponential rates of change.   

Reference:    PBS - Nova -  Extreme Ice









The Environment and the Economic Crises

Are Intimately Interrelated




The reversal of Global Warming and 
        the return to
Economic Sanity 
                are intimately inter-connected.  
                         You can't have one without the other. 

  If humans are going to Reverse Global Warming 
         before it becomes unstoppable, 
               we must start by resolving our economic crisis.

  The sections below 
                offer simple, incredibly effective 
                                              and amazingly rapid resolutions.







Looking to Solutions


Platinum Coin Solution      The Real  P. Coin Solution         


This website explains how The Real Platinum Coin Solution can not only kill the New World Order dictatorship, it can solve all the nation's major financial problems.   The Platinum Coin Solution is fast working, simple in structure, and easy to implement.   It's the most effective financial solution you'll ever find anywhere.       




Site 83 -  How to End the Home Foreclosure Crisis

By separating public-service lending ( home loans, personal loans and small business loans)  from corporate, big-business lending, and by handling the public service loans by way of a nationwide network of non-profit foundations, the home foreclosure crisis can be ended in less than six months.   This process will save billions of dollars, prevent the foreclosure of millions of homes, and avoid grief and misery for millions of families.   The process will also provide substantial moneys to fund county and city governments.





Site 39 -  The New Corporate World Foundation's 
                  Win-Win Business Structure

Let us show you how to take the next major step in Reversing Global Warming.   That step is to create financial and economic stability.

The New Corporate World Foundation has a simple, but profound way to:

     Redirect into the hands of the middle class, billions of
       dollars that now go into the vaults of the super-wealthy,

     End the 100-year-old war between management and labor,

     Stimulate economic growth  and create jobs
without using any tax money,

     Bring about an otherwise-impossible,
        peaceful redistribution of wealth

     Make major reductions of the scourge on society called debt,    debt

     Put and end to outsourcing American jobs
        to foreign countries,

     Provide a sound financial foundation for corporate employees,

     Create happier, healthier, more productive employees,

     Produce higher quality products and services, 

     Bring about a major, peaceful redistribution of wealth,  

     Take a major step toward the Reversal of Global Warming.   

     Significantly increase the tax base, and   

     Reduce the government's and your need for deficit financing.

This website explains a how to create a  simple,  easy-to-implement, powerful, financial-transformation structure  in which corporate employees, corporate  customers, and the environment have equal standing with making a profit.    It centers around partnering a non-profit foundation with an existing profit-oriented corporation.  When corporations begin to use this dual-management structure, it will literally transform the corporate world.   What this will accomplish and how it's done are explained at:





Site 53 -  Creating a Public-Service Banking System

We have discovered a relatively simple and incredible effective way to end both the home foreclosure crisis and the overall financial crisis.   The process is far less expensive than bailing out the banks with billions of tax dollars, and results will show up very quickly.   Before you dismiss our statement as "too good to be true," we invite you to examine the evidence.





Site 38 -  Solving the CO2 Problem ²  

We hear a lot of talk about the Global Warming problem, but very little about solutions.   Join us in focusing on one of the tools for resolution.  





Site 38 - Burning Coal for Power -- A Devil's Bargain ²  

Burning coal to produce electric power is insanity at it's finest.   It's also a bargain that matches perfectly with the idea of making  a pact with the Devil.  








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(o)>   The Real Platinum Coin Solution   

(o)>   Six Steps That Will Change Your World      

(o)>   The Peaceful Revolution   

(o)>   How to Return to Economic Sanity        

(o)>   The Magic Power of Forgiving       

(o)>   Foundation Power    










Notes and References


**rgw2    **rgw2   Estimates of the actual see level rise range from three feet to about forty feet.    There is enough water frozen in the polar ice caps, in Greenland, Iceland in the mountain glaciers to raise the ocean level by 200 feet.    Even if the rise is only the minimum prediction, ( three feet) that will displace the 100 million people who live within three feet of sea level.  

**rs2   **rs2   There are powerful, special-interest people whose minds are dominated by the mentality (the basic belief system)  of The Grandfather Generation  that can't or won't make changes.   Their lives and the policies and practices that they push onto the rest of us are based on a set of obsolete fundamental, unprovable beliefs.


**rgw3    **rgw3      Overpopulation    Sooner or later, the human overpopulation  problem must be addressed.   If we, as humans don't resolve this problem, mother nature will very soon do it for us.    When that day (or year) arrives, literally billions (that's billions not millions) of human beings will die.  

You can pooh-pooh this assessment and bet that the thousands of scientists and the other people who have studied this problem are wrong,  but the price you'll pay for losing this bet is disastrous,  deadly and irreversible. 









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